Trump and TR: Presidential Parallels

The corporate media has made a fundamental mistake in dealing with President Donald J Trump. Day after day Trump is attacked with made-up conspiracies and personal innuendo and when the president defends himself, they say he doesn't look "presidential." But the American people know he is defending their interests.  President Trump is not the problem, Trump is the solution. At his campaign rallies, President Trump has remarked that many compare his election in 2016 to that of Andrew Jackson in 1828. President Trump prominently displays a painting of Andrew Jackson in the Oval office. Jackson, America’s seventh president, was a no-nonsense populist, one ranked high in leadership ability by U.S. historians. The selection of the Ralph E. W. Earl portrait by the president suggests the direction Trump wants to lead the country in and the chief executive he deems worthy of emulation. Andrew Jackson, like Trump, was an outsider who advocated a populist agenda...(Read Full Article)
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