The Diversity Guidebook: How to Politicize Everything

It is becoming more difficult for educators to elude the oppressive imaginings of diversity squads on college campuses. Professors are loath to admit that the classroom has become a minefield where they routinely risk a combustible encounter with an angry student. “You show me an angry student” says a retired college administrator, “and I’ll show you a complaint about racial bias,” he wrote in a now-deleted post. “Implicit bias,” and the even more obscure, “microaggressions,” cover a nebulous area of academic terrain, but that doesn’t stop students from harming careers of perceived offenders. Educators are now caught in the crosshairs of today’s grievance culture. There are legions of complaints filed by Social Justice Warriors (AKA students), but one recent action serves as an excellent exemplar of the lengths to which students will stretch to find something — or anything — to ensure the...(Read Full Article)
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