The Battle of Lepanto: When Turks Skinned Christians Alive for Refusing Islam

Today in history, on October 7, 1571, one of the most cataclysmic clashes between Islam and the West — one where the latter for once crushed and humiliated the former — took place.  In 1570, Muslim Turks — in the guise of the Ottoman Empire — invaded the island of Cyprus, prompting  Pope Pius V to call for and form a "Holy League" of maritime Catholic nation-states, spearheaded by the Spanish Empire, in 1571.  Before they could reach and relieve Cyprus, its last stronghold at Famagusta was taken through treachery. After promising the defenders safe passage if they surrendered, Ottoman commander Ali Pasha — known as Müezzinzade ("son of a muezzin") due to his pious background — had reneged and launched a wholesale slaughter.  He ordered the nose and ears of Marco Antonio Bragadin, the fort commander, hacked off.  Ali then invited the mutilated infidel to Islam and life:...(Read Full Article)
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