Ten Lessons from a Tumultuous 2020

This year has been not only stunning but eye-opening.  The list of what we as a nation have learned about ourselves is not limited to the political arena but includes the scientific and medical communities as well as modern-day American society.  Among the most notable lessons are the following. 1.     The Chinese Coronavirus pandemic has revealed that virtually all Democrat elected state and local government officials are fully capable of doing the unthinkable: creating a de facto police state.  They have issued orders and edicts or convey preferences with no legal authority and with little consideration of the human cost while callously disregarding individual rights.  Further, they have relentlessly fostered unfounded fear among their citizens as well as deliberately prolonged their economic hardships by enforcing lockdowns for no sound medical purpose, solely to defeat Donald Trump in November.   2.     A...(Read Full Article)
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