Shy Trump Voters or Fed Up Trump Voters?

It seems that each day comes with another well known conservative prognosticator imbibing "doom" shots with "gloom" chasers before breakfast.  "Trump is toast."  "He's losing by double digits in the polls."  "He's got only himself to blame."  Quick: Were those 2016 or 2020 opinion ledes?  Trick question: The same people who gave up in 2016 faster than Bill Kristol discovered his inner socialist are already in double-time retreat, rehashing headlines from four years ago and predicting electoral Armageddon for Republicans.  Well, gentle pundits, when the media begin ramping up "Operation Demoralize" to sap the energy from Republican voters right on schedule, and you choose to micturate in your foxholes rather than to affix bayonets, then it's clear that the battlefield of ideas is no place for anyone who has learned nothing from the four...(Read Full Article)
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