Pence Walks Away from the Debate a Clear Winner

It's not hard to see why Kamala Harris was polling at close to zero percent before she dropped out of the presidential race last December.  She is deeply dishonest, lacks sincerity, and makes Hillary Clinton seem likeable.  She refused to answer some of the most basic questions about her party's platform, including whether Biden would support more COVID shutdowns, or whether or not she favors the Green New Deal.  She would not say if she would support restrictions on abortions or packing the court. No amount of eye rolling, smirking, or duplicity from Harris could prevent Vice President Mike Pence from calmly swatting away all of her falsehoods and pointing to the president’s record of success on the virus, the economy, and on foreign affairs.  Even the now infamous fly that found its way onto the vice president’s head was unable to faze him. Harris began the Vice Presidential Debate by holding the Trump Administration personally...(Read Full Article)
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