Our Best Hope in the Homestretch for a Trump Victory: V I P – Vote, Influence and Pray

For this writer, the year 2020 has been characterized by reporting on one bad news story after another: the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, the insurrection based on a whipped up racial divide, the physical attack on Michelle Malkin, the arrest of Millie Weaver, and lately the serious health crisis facing Dan Bongino. As I continued my reporting and analysis at American Thinker and in other media, the news about Covid-19 being used as a bludgeon to take down President Trump became increasingly complex as his prospects for re-election appeared uncertain. In August, after being asked by readers and viewers what I might predict or recommend, I came up with a mantra of sorts and a convenient acronym: P I V. Initially, the three letters stood for “Pray, Influence, and Vote.” As early voting started in some places in September, I flipped it to the more easily remembered “V I P: Vote, Influence, and Pray.” Now, in the homestretch of the 2020 election campaign, I...(Read Full Article)
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