K–12: Sight-Words Are a Sick Joke

Whole Word (one of almost a dozen aliases) was first introduced into public schools circa 1931.  The official goal required that students memorize at least 500 sight-words each year.  Two insurmountable problems showed up immediately.  For nearly all children, this goal is impossible to reach.  Even if someone did reach 500, that's not nearly enough. Wait, it gets much worse.  Throughout the following decades, the official goal was reduced again and again.  The typical goal now is about 100 sight-words per year.  Even for good students, sight-words are hard, tedious work, like memorizing phone numbers and chemical compounds.  Only children with near photographic memories can easily master 100 sight-words per year.  However, even this low number rarely adds up to even 1,200 at the end of high school, because new words tend to overprint earlier words.  So that's 12...(Read Full Article)
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