Joe Biden's History of Racial Comments

Prior to President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump contracting the Wuhan virus, the race card was being ginned up by the left after the first Presidential debate. Internal polling must be showing the Democrats hemorrhaging black support. That would explain why Biden seeks to pin Trump as a racist to black voters. Very specifically, he's attempted to have Trump disavow a lie that he supports white supremacists. Meanwhile, the press has been ignoring the guy with the real racist history, former Vice President Joe Biden. Biden made his mark as a young senator opposing federally ordered school busing and throughout his career lauded the positive relationships he had with segregationist senators who have long since died. If you are unaware of Biden’s past, it’s because the ministry of disinformation, a.k.a., the media, has largely ignored it. Sure, the ministry did a cursory effort right at the beginning of the Biden campaign over a year ago, but that...(Read Full Article)
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