How to Save the NFL in Three Easy Steps

The crowd gathered on the ridge in the chill pre-dawn, cups of hot coffee or hot cocoa steaming in their hands, wearing coats and hats and occasionally stomping in their boots to keep warm. The wait was worth it. Shortly after daybreak, a muffled thump started the controlled detonation of hundreds of explosives. The structure shivered and then collapsed into itself, sending a cloud of dust in every direction. The crowd cheered. “What was that building, Mom?” a child asked, as she and her mom started to walk away. “A stadium, they called it,” Mom said. “They used to play a game there, I think.” “What was it?” “Nobody remembers anymore.” The National Football League stands at the edge of the abyss. It is about to lose a multi-billion-dollar industry and the awareness of this peril is beginning to seep into the consciousness of its members. The lack of crowds at the NFL games have gone from worrisome to absolute...(Read Full Article)
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