How The Mainstream Media Covered For Joe Biden

Before Twitter decided that removing “harmful" content need only apply to articles that expose the corruption of Joe Biden or anyone affiliated with the Democratic Party, the mainstream media was already doing the bidding for Big Tech. Last year after President Donald Trump accused former Vice President Joe Biden of having direct knowledge of his son Hunter Biden’s affairs with a Ukrainian Natural Gas company called Burisma, the mainstream media dismissed the allegations as a mere conspiracy talk.  For a media that is intent on digging into, dissecting, extrapolating, and distorting every single utterance from Trump, this matter did not require any serious investigative journalism. Incredibly, Biden was already on record bragging about threatening to withhold aid to Ukraine, unless the prosecutor who was investigating the board of the company that Hunter served on was fired.  At a Council on Foreign Relations event in 2018, Biden recalled to the...(Read Full Article)
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