Hey Wokies! What Doesn’t Kill Me Makes Me Stronger!

I was going to substitute “Trump” for “me” in the title. But then I thought that “kill” and “Trump” might offend the idiot hate-speech algorithms scything through the web undergrowth at Google. Once again, President Trump has beaten the odds, and that makes him stronger. But the Deep State? I just have the feeling that it is not quite up to snuff. I keep returning to the Margaret Thatcher quote my grandson found for me. They’re a weak lot, some of them, in Europe, you know. Weak. Feeble. And the reason is that our globalist elite follows the ancient and venerable philosophy of Buggin’s Turn. What matters is belonging to the club, the Inner Ring, not merit and achievement -- you know, like getting a seat on the Presidential Debate Commission. It’s all very pleasant and congenial. But I don’t think it prepares you for a life of real achievement. It results in a half-cocked Steele Dossier, Madame...(Read Full Article)
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