Defending Trump from a Tornado of Liberal Lies

The fog of lies clouding the current political climate has all but completely hidden the truth.  Let's clear some things up so the American public can see what's going on.  Here are just a few of the major lies and the issues that have been wildly distorted.   Trump is a liar: Rolling Stone claims that Trump is a "Hall of Fame" liar.  Other leftists call him a "pathological liar."  CNN says the "defining characteristic" of the Trump presidency is the "bombardment of lies."  You can even buy T-shirts with that logo.  The internet is full of references to the Washington Post's claim that President Trump has made more than 20,000 false claims, averaging 23 lies a day.  A close look reveals that any generalized statement, any opinion some snowflake finds "hurtful," any rounded-off number, and anything the left disagrees with is ipso facto judged...(Read Full Article)
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