Court-Packing Is More of a Monstrosity than You Think

The Biden-Harris court-packing plan is a plan to destroy the Constitution and replace it with a disguised dictatorship.  Democratic court-packing is a plan to leave the forms of the Constitution intact while destroying its essence, much in the same way that Augustus dealt a death blow to the old Roman Republic.  The Biden-Harris court-packing plan is a virtual enabling act, a law that would bypass all the normal lawmaking processes and turn national policy over to unelected far-left judges acting in response to the complaints of ultra-left lawyers and activists.  If you think that sounds over-dramatic, let me take you to a federal courthouse in Eugene, Oregon, where a group of activists are seeking to have the Judiciary seize control over most of the nation's economic policy. In 2015 those activists filed a lawsuit known as Juliana v. United States.  The gravamen of the plaintiffs' case is that the Constitution contains a right...(Read Full Article)
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