Black Votes Matter

One of the untold stories of the 2016 election (buried or ignored because the media was busy with the fake Russian conspiracy) is how Hillary Clinton lost black votes -- and the presidency. Let us take a look at the election results in two states, Florida and Michigan. In 2016, Clinton won 84% to Trump 8% of Florida black votes. It’s a significant decrease from the 95% received by Obama in 2012. Had Clinton won the black votes by 90%, she would have carried the state along with its 29 electoral votes. Similarly, while Clinton won 92% of black votes in Michigan, it’s down by 3 percentage points from the 95% enjoyed by Obama in 2012. Trump carried the state by a slender margin of about 11 thousand votes, despite receiving only 6% of black votes. Clinton would have won Michigan had she managed to win 94% of the black votes. Winning Florida and Michigan would have given Clinton 272 electoral votes, enough to hand her the White House. Over the last 10 presidential...(Read Full Article)
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