Are COVID Case Surges More Fake News?

COVID cases are on the rise, or so we are told daily by a hysterical media establishment.  Newspaper headlines scream panic, as this recent USAToday article proclaimed: "COVID-19 cases rising in 39 states — 9 months into the pandemic: We are overwhelmed." It's the American people who are overwhelmed — nine months into masks and lockdowns, with a presidential election just weeks away, facing a daily barrage of doom and gloom from the media.  Are cases really on the rise, or are these simply positive tests? The above article, one of many, warns, "A startling nine states setting ominous, seven-day records for infections."  Thirty-nine states reported more cases in the last week than they had in the week before. YouTube screen grab. What exactly is a "case"?  The USAToday article doesn't say.  Neither do other articles or cable news doctors and other...(Read Full Article)
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