Abortion: More than Just a 'Single Issue'

"Progressive" politicians condescendingly brand pro-lifers as "single-issue voters" and abortion as a "single-issue."  This straw man subtly dismisses pro-lifers as simplistic, fanatical, and naïve, and abortion as "one among many" on the electoral laundry list.  Once the elephant in the room is pushed aside, SJW candidates feel empowered to tout the "real" issues of economic equality and climate change.  Yet abortion is far from being just a single issue. Abortion is the master key that releases Pandora's box of radical calamities.  If your own child is an undue burden who may be terminated, what about the critically ill, the handicapped, the infirm?  If the unborn baby is construed as an unwelcome intruder to be removed, as in the infamous violinist thought game, why not any unwanted Other — the unmasked passerby, the white privileged, the MAGA-hatted, the gun-owner, the religious believer,...(Read Full Article)
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