The Progressive Case for Decriminalizing 'Sex Work' Dehumanizes Women

“Can the world’s oldest profession survive the age of social distancing?” asks Caitlin Hu, senior editor of CNN. In her article, Hu details the “tips” that women engaged in prostitution have received from health authorities and advocacy groups to maintain their business during this COVID-19 crisis. Women engaged in prostitution were told to “Wear a mask. Wear gloves. Avoid face-to-face positions.” They were encouraged to go so far as to “put on a nurse costume and pull out a thermometer -- if his temperature is normal, make it part of the game. If he has a fever, end the session.” These tips may help women survive the threat of COVID-19, but how do these same women survive the daily violence and abuse that marks the sex trade? Journalist Kajsa Ekis Ekman decided to find out. Advocates of prostitution portray women in prostitution as “sex-workers,” painting them as entrepreneurs and businesswomen. In reality, Ekman...(Read Full Article)
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