Free Speech Faces a Religious Threat

America is currently experiencing something of a revolutionary mood.  The toppling of statues, the "cancelation" of journalists and public figures who stray from the new mainstream in their thought, and the speed with which CEOs and boardrooms have caved to online Twitter mobs indicate that a radical cultural shift is taking place.  While much ink has been spilled debating the broader meaning of this moment, the seemingly outlandish suggestion by some that we are witnessing the rise of a quasi-spiritual movement, rather than one that is purely political, needs to be taken seriously, as it may help explain some of the hysterical nature characterizing recent political and social discourse. The steady decline of religion is one of the most well documented macro-trends occurring in the United States in recent decades.  A Pew Research poll from October 2019 reveals the share of the population identifying as atheist, agnostic, or "nothing in...(Read Full Article)
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