An Unperfect Society: Socialist Cuba

This writing seeks to serve as a brief overview of the power structure of socialist Cuba, one of the 20th century's premier "unperfect societies."  Even a cursory look at this ossified structure will dispel many of the egalitarian myths surrounding revolutionary Cuba and serve as empirical confirmation for conservatives of the dismal effects revolutionary socialism can have (even upon even a petit nation of only a dozen million souls). El Regimen (the Cuban regime) since its inception has been composed of more than those whose last name is Castro.  The process began with the immediate post-revolutionary corporate merger between Fidel's militants and the PSP or Partido Socialista Popular (an already pre-existing communist party). This clique gradually expanded its membership and consolidated its strength over the next decade or so under the tutelage and patronage of Fidel Castro, carving out their own private fiefdoms within El Sistema (the...(Read Full Article)
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