BLM -- What About a Multiracial Family?

I have an unusual family. It’s multiracial. The skin of my grandchildren ranges from dark to fair! (None, by the way, is adopted.) Like most grandmothers, I utterly adore all of them. However, according to Black Lives Matter (BLM), at this juncture, only my black grandchildren are worth a cracker. Yet all the grandchildren are siblings and cousins, who (most of the time) love each other! When they see BLM signs, what are they supposed to think? Can my black grandchildren now demand an apology for the systemic racism that BLM considers inherent in their white brothers?  Can they claim more treats as reparation? Should my white grandchildren, bow low as their black siblings enter the room? Try to systematize that agenda and all hell will break loose. What about the children who are neither the one nor the other, but in the middle? Or, even if their skin is dark, what if they identify as white -- and vice versa. How would the Supreme Court textualize that? Are their parents...(Read Full Article)
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