American Jews Must Reject the Vile Anarchy of Leftism

We barely go a day now where our fellow citizens of the left are not tearing apart one of our core Judeo-Christian American values or institutions.  America is under attack from within.  Our streets are now littered with boarded up stores; broken glass; broken heads; and scenes out of the French Revolution, where if you do not agree with the enlightened "woke" ones, you get tossed from your job, your business boycotted, or silenced with public scorn or condemnation on Twitter.   Tragically, so many of my fellow Jews buy into this.  The irony is profound: a people who have been the victims of the iron fist now support it or stay silent.  Liberal Jews have exchanged liberalism for leftism.  I think they, like millions of others, have had their moral neural hardware short-circuited or reversed by the bombardment of leftist-Marxist messaging we now have from grade school to college.  They vote for...(Read Full Article)
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