A Tale of Two Girls

Several years ago, I was on vacation in Phuket, Thailand with my husband. Through our hotel, we signed up for a day cruise on a Thai junk.  At one point we stopped at what the tour guide called a "Muslim Fishing Village."  We took a smaller boat to the place, which was a rickety series of piers supporting houses and common areas where a group of Muslims lived.  Their main sources of income were fishing and selling postcards and other goods to tourists on cruises like this one.  We were quickly surrounded by young people selling postcards.  Most, except for the very youngest, were girls. One in particular made an impression on me I will never forget. The slender girl was fully covered; her hair and neck were wrapped in a light, colorful silky cloth exposing only her face.  She wore a loose tunic with long sleeves and long loose-fitting pants despite sweltering heat. She offered me her postcards, I smiled and said "no thank...(Read Full Article)
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