Who Believes WHO?

Roughly ten years ago, I had the opportunity to meet an honest-to-goodness IPCC scientist who had been awarded what he called a “sliver” of the Nobel Prize, the same one for which Al Gore received most of the credit. This particular climate expert had become mildly annoyed by some of my online criticisms about his specific area of expertise because I tended to side with the skeptics. I had been extremely critical of Phil Jones, Michael Mann’s hockey stick, Climategate, and Rajendra Pachauri in particular. As a result, I spent several hours at my new friend’s house at his invitation, where I marveled at his impressive display of processing power (he had the equivalent of a mainframe in his living room) while peppering him with questions about the evidence for climate change and the statistical models he had personally developed. Those models had been used to help predict some of the dire global warming claims in Gore’s movie. Somewhat surprisingly, my...(Read Full Article)
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