We Can Work and Chew Gum at the Same Time

Inasmuch as most Americans in this time of national lockdown have not had to resort to cannibalism, we can conclude that significant portions of the workforce are still busy at work. I refer of course to the food industry, which encompasses quite a bit more than just agriculture and groceries; there’s trucking, packaging, and much else. Also, pharmaceuticals and drugstores are still operating. Ditto for gas stations, the police, the U.S. mail, and our heroic doctors and nurses. And let’s not forget the magnificent work our military is doing. So, much of America is still working, even during a pandemic. File photo by Mike Mozart When I venture out from my bunker here in the heartland to go to Walmart or Price Chopper for sustenance, I notice that the shelves are again stocked with the sugary breakfast cereals kids are addicted to. And there’s plenty of milk, meat, produce, and all manner of edibles (I don’t see my chicken gumbo soup nor my favorite...(Read Full Article)
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