Trump vs. the Coronavirus -- What the Polls Say

If you watch cable news, something I have assiduously avoided these past few weeks, you will be told that Barney Fife is in charge of the country, that the President lies, mismanages, exaggerates, and has totally botched America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Yet an honest observer sees much the opposite, rather than the fake news peddled by agents of doom in the media. Some say character is created in the crucible of adversity, yet the reality is that such adversity reveals character. Leaders are facing unprecedented challenges today, with lives and entire economies riding on every decision. Such battles don’t create leaders, but instead reveal the great leaders and expose the posers. The nasty Chinese coronavirus has brought the world to its collective knees. The virus is referred to as “novel” meaning new. Public health experience with past viruses may not apply here. Doctors and nurses caring for the sickest of patients are learning on the...(Read Full Article)
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