Mr. Renacci Goes to Washington

“I became increasingly frustrated by the pervasive dysfunction” and did not want to “continue in a city of farces,” reflects Jim Renacci in his recent book on eight years (2011-2019) in Washington, D.C., as an Ohio Republican congressman.  This political memoir, The GOP’s Lost Decade:  An Inside View of Why Washington Doesn’t Work, offers an intriguing look into the real, problematic workings of modern American governance and its growing fiscal dangers. Renacci recalls how entering Congress as a conservative “riding the wave of the Tea Party” in the 2010 elections.  Of 94 freshman representatives, 85 were Republican, while Republicans were twelve of thirteen new senators, and these Republicans “charged in, full of enthusiasm” to change government.  The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Renacci, who in his successful career over 30 years had “turned around everything from nursing homes to car...(Read Full Article)
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