Joe Biden’s #MeToo Problem

Joe Biden has a YUGE political (and maybe criminal) problem that the Republicans should exploit, given that the mainstream media is something of a joke and has largely ignored this story. Let’s just say if Joe Biden were a Republican instead of a Democrat, this story would be competing with the coronavirus epidemic for the front-page headlines, if the #MeToo movement were to hold Biden to the same standard as a Republican. Even so, there is plenty of time between now and November to hammer Biden and the Democratic Party in general for serious allegations of sexual assault dating back to the early 1990s. These allegations ought to destroy the presidential aspirations of Joe Biden if there is anything resembling equal justice in the court of public opinion because, unlike Christine Blasey Ford, Tara Reade actually has witnesses who reportedly corroborate her allegations. Of course, Joe does have much of the mainstream media on his side -- my hat tip comes from a professional...(Read Full Article)
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