The Wuhan Virus Reminds Us: Liberalism Is Bad for Your Health

As of this writing, according to Real Clear Politics's "Coronavirus Tracker," Europe has been the hardest hit by the Wuhan virus pandemic.  Several factors have made this the case, but I believe, and multiple reports confirm, that there is little doubt that one of the biggest reasons why Italy, Spain, France, Germany, et al. have suffered so from this virus is because the average European is so much older than most of the rest of the world. Time and again over the last few weeks, we've seen and heard how the Wuhan virus is much more dangerous for the elderly.  All over the world, the death rates for older adults reveal this to be true.  As Business Insider, and more recently Vox, reveal, the older you are, the more deadly is the Wuhan virus. By median age, Europe is easily the world's oldest continent.  Seven of the European nations hardest hit by the Wuhan virus rank in the top 40 (out of 230) in median...(Read Full Article)
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