Playing Judge Reggie Walton (Again)

Judge Reggie Walton, the former presiding judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court was played in the case of Lewis Libby by prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. Among other things, Fitzgerald misled Judith Miller, a key prosecution witness, into giving false testimony against Libby. Walton appears to have been played again, this time by Jason Leopold of Buzzfeed.  Jason Leopold, a reporter for Buzzfeed, which published the unverified and unverifiable slander of the President in the Steele Dossier, brought a Freedom of Information Act suit demanding to see the still-redacted portions of the Mueller report, the implication being there was some hidden agenda in maintaining the redactions. (As you may recall, the Mueller report included some grand jury testimony which by law cannot be made public, and the reasonable inference from the Mueller team’s delay in redacting it themselves is that they wanted to get the first word out about the report, but Attorney...(Read Full Article)
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