No, Conservatives, Biden's Rise Is Not a Victory against Socialism

Far too many voices on both the right and left are arguing that Joe Biden's recent success is a repudiation of Marxism. This is so fantastically wrong that it is a little surprising how often we're seeing and hearing it this week. Ben Shapiro argued that Democrats "will rally around the banner that is anti-President Donald Trump — but Biden isn't an anti-American communist, and his nomination won't mean the deepening of Sanders' vile worldview" and that "Republicans and Democrats should both celebrate Sanders' precipitous fall.  It means that perhaps we still have something in common after all: opposition to a radical philosophy that sees America as a nefarious force in the world and sees constitutional principles as oppressive hierarchical dominance." This is a bad take.  A Biden presidency would do plenty to advance Sanders's vile worldview and further damage constitutional principles. James...(Read Full Article)
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