Lent Comes Before Resurrection

On February 26th, Vice President Mike Pence accepted his appointment to lead the government’s coronavirus response task force. That was the day the coronavirus went from a growing news story to the dominant news story. The press mocked Pence for it.  They dug up a story from 2015, when Pence prayed against the spread of HIV while governor of Indiana. According to some, his humble prayers mean that he is not fit to lead during a crisis. By their analysis, prayer is something to scorn, not celebrate. February 26th was not an arbitrary day. It was Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent on the Christian liturgical calendar. It is fitting that Vice President Pence is well known as a man of prayer. At the core, it demonstrates a choice we all need to make. Will we be people who pray, or not? We may not have planned to give up toilet paper, restaurants, and shopping for Lent, but here we are. If people will not choose to humble themselves before God, then he will do it...(Read Full Article)
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