Morality and the Presidency

The recent op-ed in Christianity Today calling for the removal of President Trump from office because he is morally unfit to lead the country renews an age-old debate about morality and the presidency. In a perfect world, we would prefer that our presidents be morally upstanding individuals with principles and values worthy of emulation. Not all of our presidents meet this standard, which invariably forces tradeoffs between the personal attributes that we admire and those that we cannot. This question of morality, however, must be juxtaposed against the first job of government: to protect the citizenry above all else. The Trappings of the Electoral Process Politics is a blood sport and that, more than any other single attribute, is why it may not attract the most morally upstanding among us. First, in order to run for the presidency of the United States one must possess an immense ego; it is, after all, a contest for the most powerful office in the world. Second, the...(Read Full Article)
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