Yes, Social Security is a Sinking Ship

Over at Market Watch, in a piece published on August 29, Devin Carroll aims to tackle American misconceptions about Social Security.  “These 7 Social Security myths aren’t true, no matter how often you hear them,” he asserts in the title. “With a system as complex as Social Security,” he writes, “it’s inevitable that misinformation (or simply a misunderstanding of the facts) will spread.  It’s hard to understand what’s true and what’s not, and often, our brains prefer the version of events that feel intuitively more simple [sic] to understand.”   Therefore, “it’s time we cleared these muddy waters,” he says.  Apparently, his plan to do that is to make some specious, and some downright false, claims of his own to keep Americans from questioning the sustainability and functionality of America’s most relied upon collectivist touchstone, fundamentally broken though it quite...(Read Full Article)
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