What Real Religious Hypocrisy Looks Like

New York Times columnist Timothy Egan unleashed a diatribe against religious conservatives over the weekend, under the inventive headline, “Why People Hate Religion.”  It doesn’t really shed that much light on why anybody else hates religion, but it certainly lets us know why Egan does.   He says it’s the hypocrisy he can’t tolerate, “the phonies, the charlatans who wave Bibles, the theatrically pious.”  But that’s a time-worn dodge, and Egan himself admits that [r]eligious hypocrites are an easy and eternal mark.”  Egan is particularly outraged at Vice President Mike Pence, along with other evangelicals who support Donald Trump, and any Catholics out of sync with prevailing progressive dogma.  But it’s not really their hypocrisy that’s got him upset.  It’s their sincerity that’s making his blood boil. Contra Pence and the “modern...(Read Full Article)
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