We Need a Theory of Injustice

Back in the day, liberal professor John Rawls impressed all the chin-waggers with his A Theory of Justice. The idea was to justify left-liberal politics on the basis of the “veil of ignorance.” When we liberal professors all sit around deciding on the kind of justice we are going to impose on the deplorables we pretend not to know whose side we are on. Rawls’ theory was yet another effort to order human society according to the billiard ball approach of Newtonian mechanics that tends to forget that humans are not just actors in the public square but, as conservative Roger Scruton writes in On Human Nature, “embodied beings.” Thus, it is one thing to write a law and judge a trial of rape. It is another thing to be the victim of rape. Forced against her will to experience her sex as a bodily function rather than a gift of herself, [a woman] feels assaulted and polluted in her very [embodied] being. Thus, the experience of everything in the...(Read Full Article)
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