Three Cheers for the Trade War

There has recently been much weeping and gnashing of teeth over President Donald Trump's trade war with the People's Republic of China.  The ire of this piece will be focused on those avaricious and morally blinded elements of the right who for a few trinkets can be persuaded — nay, bribed — to overlook the perversity of the Marxist butchers of Beijing.  Truth be told, the very opening of Western trade with that most odious despotism was itself as morally idiotic as it was strategically idiotic, but it could at least have been somewhat excused as the attempt at convoluted intrigue against the Bolsheviks in Moscow.  Nowadays, it is only the allure of filthy blood-soaked lucre and the intoxicating ideological fumes emanating from globalism that animate the defense of this "free trade" with the current masters of China. Do these over-salaried bean-counters remember Korea?  Or is that a memory best left repressed in...(Read Full Article)
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