The Return of the Tea-Party-is-Racist Smear

Our friends at the New York Times did a retrospective piece August 28, 2019 on the tenth anniversary of the Tea Party that emerged in 2009 after the election of Barack Obama, the nation’s First Black President. But, according to Tyler O’Neil, the NYT got into trouble because the article did not accuse the Tea Party of racism. So, in due course, Times amended the article to add a retrospective accusation of racism as demanded by the critics. When the Tea Party emerged in the spring of 2009 it represented itself as a political movement in the grand old tradition of American politics, like the folks that staged the Boston Tea Party of 1773. The simplest way of describing the Tea Party’s birth, from the perspective of the post-2016 world, would be that it represented a #Resistance against the results of the presidential election of 2008. Just as lefty Americans were devastated by the Trump ascendancy of 2016 and were moved to protest it, the Tea Partiers felt that the...(Read Full Article)
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