Red Flag Laws: Caveat Emptor

It's September, and that means Congress soon will return, bringing with it the grandstanding, posturing, and pontificating on such matters as who is dangerous, who is at risk for being mass casualty shooters, and on the procurement, possession, and use of firearms by you, me, and the man behind the tree. Their eminences will accompany this noise with all kinds of claims that the actions and laws they will put forth will prevent such mass casualty shootings.  This blather would just be frivolous tripe were it not so dangerous, and it brings to my mind an old Spanish saying: El caballo malo se vende lejos.  It means "Sell a bad horse far away." So before we buy the horse -- law -- they'll be trying to sell -- pass -- let's be sure we pull back the lips and take a close look at its teeth and gums to be sure they're the teeth and gums of a good, young horse.  And, by all means, let's take the horse for a little ride to make sure it...(Read Full Article)
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