Reaching for Enlightenment

Explorer and aviator Richard E. Byrd noted how surprising it is, “approaching the final enlightenment, how little one really has to know or feel sure about...” [Alone, 1938]. Tardiness in discerning first and final things points to a common weakness among intellectuals, leaders and movers of society, namely a radical detachment from the spiritual side of human life, with a total disregard for the consequences in the here and now, let alone the before and hereafter. Compensating for that spiritual blindness with brain-powered “enlightenment” requires an impossible act: the substitution of self for God, an act that mostly leads to misery, not progress. For it feeds an egomania, especially among scientists, social reformers, even theologians who, unlike honest artists and music makers – to bring up a sharp contrast – are too proud to admit that the products of their thought and designs have no more real substance than Rembrandt’s lighting...(Read Full Article)
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