Non-Profit Organizations and the Cause Business Model

In a ‘for profit’ business we determine the success of the business model by its profitability. Success of a non-profit organisation (NPO) is measured differently. The business model of a charity or a medical institute or a human rights watch dog is a success if it collects enough donor money to cover operating costs. Cause business is a better description than NPO, given the style of management required. If you want to keep donors giving, you need to be a drama queen. This is correct. Appeals to philanthropy work better when you make out that the situation is more dire than it really is. The worse the better. “Oy vey! Send money!”   No doubt of it, climate change is the current biggest cause in the ‘Oy vey! industry.’ By the number of people who make a career out of climate change, by the amount of donor funds raised and spent, and in terms of media and government interest and global attention, no cause comes near climate change. A...(Read Full Article)
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