Michigan Vaping Up in Smoke

Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer this week declared a public health emergency for those who use e-cigarettes and then moved to ban flavored vaping products. Her ban takes effect immediately, but retailers and wholesalers have 30 days to fully comply with the prohibition. The move targets all sweet flavors that the governor claims attract young people to vaping. So, there will no longer be wild cherry, cotton candy, caramel apple flavors of vaping liquid on the shelves. Michigan residents will not legally be able to buy those products online either. Whitmer’s decision also covers mint and menthol flavors. In fact, the only vaping flavors she allowed to remain are tobacco flavored liquids. In announcing the decision, Whitmer proclaimed her number one priority is to keep kids in Michigan safe and added that she must also protect the health of all citizens in Michigan. The American Heart Association is among the groups applauding the governor’s move. According...(Read Full Article)
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