Liberal Libido

One major difference between liberals and conservatives is that conservatives are generally more restrained in their sexual behavior.  Liberals are not.  Much of the high-minded talk of liberals about tolerance and open-mindedness really comes down to an attempt to defend their presumed right to what in the sixties was called "free love" and what is now called "hooking up." Liberals are intent on hiding the consequences of their behavior by characterizing their detractors as small-minded hypocrites.  But the fact is that promiscuity has consequences, some of them lethal.  Liberals ignore these consequences, and this recklessness is a fundamental part of the liberal thinking. Promiscuity has many consequences.  For one, there is the damage done to the family.  Parents who are devoted to one another make for the ideal family life.  Loving parents convey the values of optimism, safety, and...(Read Full Article)
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