Is 'Social Credit' Coming to the West?

There exists in China a “Social Credit” system, which is used to decide an individual's status as regards the state. This system works much like a traditional credit score does in the way of permitting you credit to make purchases. Each individual is granted an original score of 1000, and loses points for each social “offense.” The social score decides what you can do and even what you can be punished for. First implementation began in 2014 and it is expected to be fully functional by 2020. “Social Credit” information shall be used, among other things, to check who will be permitted travel access. Tickets for planes and train, and even taxi rides, are subject to checking of your social credit. The Chinese government is boasting about the social credit system, and how thus far they have prevented 2.5 million “discredited entities” from purchasing plane tickets and another 90,000 people from purchasing high-speed rail tickets in...(Read Full Article)
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