How Obama's Iran Deal Funded Terrorism

In 2015, the Iranian Khomeinist regime received up to $150 billion into its bank accounts from the Obama administration. That windfall of cash was provided through terms of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iran Nuclear Deal. That gusher of western cash then flowed directly into terror funding, even though Iranian experts and dissidents had warned over and over again that the money would not be spent on the Iranian people, but rather would go to enrich the repressive regime, and to fund its warring proxies in the region. The Obama administration clumsily acceded to the most dangerous terms of any deal ever enacted by the Free World against its own best interests. The JCPOA gave essential money to prop up the regime and its criminality. Since that flood of cash was released, millions of dollars have been smuggled by Iran every day. Most of the money is spent on Iran's wars in Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other countries in the Middle East. Iran-backed...(Read Full Article)
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