Green Tyranny and the Tragedy of the Eco-Commons

"The tragedy of the commons" is a phrase that describes the societal loss of resources through individual selfishness.  In agrarian cultures, sheep, cows or other animals were often maintained in a "commons" where individual farm families would use large shared areas to pasture animals collectively.  This worked well, unless an individual farmer exceeded the carrying capacity of the common to increase his personal wealth -- and if all the farmers did that, the common would be destroyed. This model is useful to examine modern environmental policy efforts, where the tragedy of the commons is seen in our oceans, air, soil -- and global warming.  An intriguing parallel to this "common" land or water concept is the "House of Commons" in democracy: the legislative body where individuals collect to craft societal rules.  This is where the modern world seeks to prevent individuals from destroying the whole: this is where humanity...(Read Full Article)
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