Globalism and the Hoodwinking of the American Elite

Every society has always been controlled by a small portion of the population.  These leaders of society have been called by many names; today, they are often called the elite.  In modern free societies like the United States, there is more economic mobility so that some of the elite are individuals who were born in poverty, but there is still an elite even in societies that are founded on equality.  There is still a small portion of society who have much greater influence than everyone else. Historically, the elite in every nation have aligned themselves with the common people in their own nation.  In the past, the most wealthy and influential people were among the first to enlist in time of war.  The elite in each nation aligned themselves with the common people in their own nation and against the elite in other nations. Today, there is globalism.  This is the "new world order."  The elite of today...(Read Full Article)
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