Getting to the Waterhole

I once had a bizarre college professor named Cater Chambly -- a biker and a proud descendent of either the Hatfields or the McCoys; can’t remember which. Chambly bequeathed to his students a simple yet inclusive definition of the word “culture.” He said that a culture was just one group’s way of getting to the waterhole. He never took it any further, but I could look on ahead to see where that went: Western, Christian, capitalist cultures have been hugely successful at providing encouraging methods of survival, prosperity, and freedom. As a result, they have built amazing civilizations. Other cultures, not so much. But we can no longer call failing cultures to account -- not since the advent of political correctness and multiculturalism. Some cultures suck -- but we’re not to say that. We’re not even to flinch when we hear about the Eskimos who set their elderly out on ice flows to drift off into frozen oblivion. We’re supposed to be okay...(Read Full Article)
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