Get Off My Grass

This crop of Democratic presidential contenders is a rare bunch, aren’t they? Has there ever been a more transparently disingenuous, pandering group of politicians more willing to out-promise the most unrealistically outrageous things than this group? They all share one trait in common, one that is usually a death knell for a presidential candidate -- they are all patently unlikeable: phony, caustic, shrill, unapproachable. Is there any one of them -- just considered as an individual, not as a politician -- that you’d like to invite over for dinner or to watch the Pats game with? Even the most ardent conservative would likely admit that, as a person, as an individual, both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were kind of cool guys -- they knew sports, they liked music, they dressed well, and they seemed in touch with social trends and happenings. Decent guys. Wacko polices and outlook for the nation perhaps, but not bad guys at all, personally. Their personal likeability went...(Read Full Article)
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