Former Leftist Darling Dave Chappelle Flagrantly Violates Speech Codes

"All men are created equal." So says the Declaration of Independence.  The Bible says that all are created in the image and likeness of God.  The equality of human worth voiced in the Declaration of Independence and first found in the Bible is not a leftist value.  The left operates a caste system, awarding and subtracting points to various identity groups with capricious abandon.  At one time, leftists elevated working class white ethnics, like Swedish-American Joel Hägglund, better known as Joe Hill, Italian-Americans Sacco and Vanzetti, and "Oakies" like the prototypical fictional character, Tom Joad, from The Grapes of Wrath.  Today all four would be trashed as irredeemable "white men." Leftists once celebrated the kind of feminists who would now be told to mind their place as privileged white women.  Leftists today generally award identity points to African Americans, but things become complicated when even...(Read Full Article)
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